Agent Carter: The Iron Ceiling Review

  • Episode:  The Iron Ceiling  (S01E05)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

We are coming down to the wire on Agent Carter, love it or hate it. I believe it’s been a good run so far. This week’s episode is no exception at all. Peggy finally gets a shot at an assignment overseas. She had to go through a serious amount of hoops to make it happen. It’s a dangerous mission that if she gets killed on, the head of the SSR will be blamed for getting a woman killed. If one of the other male agents is killed, then he gets blamed for sending a woman on a mission with them to have to watch over. Peggy convinces her boss to allow her to go by enlisting a group of military heroes called the Howling Commandos. You may have heard of them. The mission is to find out about Howard Stark selling his weapons over seas. Of course Peggy wants to clear his name and right the wrongs, so to speak.


The episode also has some interesting back story on trained female assassins in Russia. With the Nazis are gone so the Russians are the bad guys now. We find out that the Russians handcuff these young girls to their beds at night and then teach them to fight during the day. The primary reason for all this is because on of Peggy’s neighbors is one said assassin. Dottie is the blonde down the hall that is spying on Peggy.  It seems we finally have our origin story on the Black Widow program and this is one incredible connection we could have never guessed Agent Carter would have included.


Now the Howling Commandos are a welcome sight, especially Dum Dum Dungan played by Neal McDonough. They talk highly of their times with Captain America and Peggy. This is where the girls fall into place for the viewers but not Peggy. They discover two scientists that have plans of Stark’s that were stolen. You would think this would clear Stark, but not necessarily. The Commandos and SSR escape, but take some losses. Peggy gets to kick butt with a machine gun. Plus one of her fellow agents open up to some of his long-lost secrets. It’s very moving that Peggy is finally getting under some one’s skin at the office. It helps seeing her fellow agents receive additional layers, considering Sousa is the only one who we really have gotten to know so far.  Which back at the office, Sousa has come across more evidence of Peggy’s behind the scenes help making us wonder what he will do with this information.

Everything came together very well, from the Howling Commandos cameo to the Black Widow program.  We get to see some of Peggy’s tactical skills and other skills that help move up a little in the respect department at the SSR. There’s some decent battle scenes and some foreshadowing that will lead up to the eventual end. The Marvel ties are there to remind us where we live and they keep on coming.

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