Constantine: A Whole World Out There Review

  • Episode:  A Whole World Out There   (S01E011)
  • Review:  ★★☆☆☆

The best thing to do when you start a horror story is to have college students in a cemetery with an ancient spell book. Of course that works all the time;  so, Constantine goes a little cliché this week. Even though we start the show with some doubt, viewing continues. What  brings John to action is the students have discovered how to jump into an alternate dimension. The downside is that the other world has a known serial killer that can attack them from the other side. It’s kinda ripping off a slasher flick. It’s Freddy Krugger, except the killer gets to his victims through reflective surfaces. Manny also appears, to give John a boost in the right direction.


We get a blast from the past with Jeremy Davies (Ritchie). Ritchie appeared in the first episode of Constantine as an old friend. He’s an Ivy League professor who teaches the occult to his students outside of class. Its his students that make off with one of his special books. Once the students start dying off, John has to help Ritchie figure out what’s happening with them.  Through out all of this, John and Ritchie discuss “the darkness” that is approaching and that it’s getting hard to close all the holes.


The episode was decent, but it seems like a filler. Zed and Chas aren’t in the episode, so John has to go it alone. There are not really any close ties to the DC universe this time. Constantine does some cool magic to find out how to solve the puzzle, but Ritchie saves the day when John shows that he has faith in what he does. Next week looks more interesting with Zed falling into some trouble, so hopefully things will pick back up with so few episodes remaining for the season (possible series.)


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