Gotham: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon Review

  • Episode: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon   (S01E013)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

The episode begins with Fish held, ready to be tortured, but Butch broke free of his captures in a separate location and found his way to rescue her. Gordon finds some drugs hidden on a body at a crime scene as well as a witness who has stepped forward named Winkler. Winkler is murdered at the police station and Gordon believes the killer is a police officer. Gordon runs into a wall after finding out that there are several dirty cops involved in the drug trade but also protected from high up. Gordon turns to Penguin for help with his investigation, but makes him promise that no one will get hurt.

Instead of leaving town immediately, Fish shows up to make Penguin suffer before she kills him, but he is saved by Zsasz.  Though Fish escapes, Butch is captured. Penguin’s help to Gordon yields a murder weapon and the murderer, a cop named Arnold Flass. Gordon arrests Flass at the police station after a very rousing speech, but afterwards finds out that someone’s family was in fact hurt to get him the information.

This was a fantastically crafted episode which is finally leading up to what we really want to see. Gotham is very much a new show and I am sure that many people have different ideas about where they would like it to go. Hopefully we will see Gordon continuing to clean up the city one crooked cop and official at a time.  I love Butch and I cannot shake the feeling that he is still alive and going forward will be an important character.

Welcome Back, Jim Gordon had an elegance to it as you get the feeling that it is tying up loose ends and getting ready for a major arch for the second season! With Scarecrow coming, maybe he is going to turn out to be a much bigger and longer lasting villain for the show.  We all cannot wait for Nigma to blossom into the charismatic riddling mastermind villain we all love to love and it seems he is definitely on the road to that transformation. I just know that with how we see him and his current place, they are just saving the big power house coming out for just the right time. Right? I hope.

Comic Connections:

– In Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman Year One, Arnold Flass is a dirty cop that after being arrested leads to Commissioner Loeb’s downfall. This could lead to wiggle room in the show, but I get the feeling we will not see a Commissioner Gordon for a while. Though, wouldn’t that be quite the series twist? It is called Gotham after all not Detective Gordon.

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