Agent Carter: Blitzkrieg Button Review

  • Episode:  Blitzkrieg Button  (S01E04)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

After a week off, Agent Carter returns.  Peggy and Jarvis are attempting to buy some stolen Stark tech from black market dealers. It’s interesting that they dropped us right back into the action with very little lead-in. During all this, Howard Stark has re-entered the country. He is trying to discover how many of his inventions the SSR recovered in the last episode. The downside is that all his houses are under surveillance and he has to hold up at Peggy’s apartment. This proves slightly challenging since the headmistress thinks Peggy is up to no good. Howard dodges detection by hooking up with one of Peggy’s neighbors.


Back at the SSR office, the other agents are trying their best to find Howard Stark. One of the re-occurring characters, Sousa, figures he can track down one the suspects with finger prints from a phone Jarvis used in the last episode. This only leads him to a possible eye-witness. He seems like the only agent in the office with half a brain, but because he has polio they don’t take him seriously. He is the “male” version of Peggy.


Meanwhile Howard Stark has given Peggy a pen that takes photographs. She uses the pen to see how many devices the SSR actually have in their possession. Howard discovers they have an object that could shut down the entire power grid in New York for months. The object creates some friction with Stark and Peggy. It also gives a nice Marvel Universe tie-in.


The whole episode is really interesting. Peggy seems more like a side character that’s not in control of the situation. She seems to simply be doing damage control the entire time. She also deals with the trust issues she has with Jarvis, Stark, and some of the supporting cast. The episode does swing in strange way. We thought we knew who the bad is, or should be, but it goes somewhere unexpectedly.

Now until next week in which we get to see the Howling Commandos from Captain America.

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