Comic News: Valiant Previews Homefront In Unity #15

After reeling from the United, Unity is going to be in the worst condition in team history.  They have fought many battles together, but will they be able to pull together after their big secret has been revealed to the world?

The United have left Unity decimated – a member lost, a terrible secret revealed, and the entire world turned against them. Not Harada, not Dr. Silk, not even the mighty Armor Hunters left the team as fractured as this! Now, Unity must decide where their place is in this new world and whether they will stand together or fall apart, beginning with the one teammate that might just be the most dangerous of all…the lethal intelligence operative called NINJAK!

Coming from the creative team of Matt Kindt and Pere Perez, they will be joined by cover artists Raul Allen, Jenny Frison, and ChrisCross.  Pick up Unity #15 on February 18th for this great jumping on point!

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