The Top Ten Best Green Arrow Villains

This is a guy with a bow and arrow.  Oliver Queen.  The Green Arrow. The guy died once in the comics and came back.  The real bonus of being around so long is that he has a cool list of villains to ruin his day. With only his bow and skills, Oliver has had to face his rogues again and again.  Some have come and gone while others have repeatedly returned, having the lasting power that the hero has had.  As an added bonus, we get to watch Arrow every week on CW to see Oliver battle these villains again and again.

China White

10. China White (First Appearance Green Arrow Year One #3 2007)

China white has been a pain in Ollie’s butt since 2007. China is the leader of the heroin trade in the Pacific Rim. Her operations were able to filter money from Oliver’s businesses. This led Oliver to try to undercover China’s dealings. China sent an assassin to kill Oliver but failed. Oliver discovered that China was using child labor in the poppy fields. Kelly Yu plays China in the Arrow TV show.


9. Onomatopoeia (First Appearance Green Arrow #12 2002)

This guy was a total psycho. He is a normal guy during the day with a wife and two kids. Onomatopoeia uses words that emphasizes the action he is taking. He makes it a point to kill non-powered superheroes which made Oliver a prime target. He took a shot at Conner Hawke who is Oliver’s son. He made an attempt to kill Conner again in the hospital, failing, but still escaping capture by the Green Arrow and Wonder Woman. As an added bonus he was created by Kevin Smith.  It would be interesting to see him on Arrow, but I imagine the character style would be an odd fit for the show at this point without a bit of changes.


8. Cupid (First Appearance Green Arrow/Black Canary #15 2009)

Every once and awhile a superhero will have some villain that is simply bat sh*t crazy for them. Carrie Cutter is that character for the Green Arrow. She was a special ops agent in a program called Cobalt with her husband who left her. After going through an experiment that enhanced her strength at the cost of emotional stability, Carrie caught up with her husband in Star City and killed him. Green Arrow had thought the man was abusing her and shot him with an arrow. Cupid uses the same arrow to carve the heart-shape on her chest. Her obsession with Oliver began at that point. She took it upon herself to kill some of the Green Arrow’s known villains. She showed up in the most recent season of Arrow.


7. Shado (First Appearance Green Arrow Longbow Hunters #1 1987)

Shado was a Yakuza trained assassin whose soul purpose was to kill American soldiers that had killed her parents. The soldiers had captured her father who was Yakuza. They tortured him into telling them where the Yakuza gold was located. They eventually used Shado’s mother to persuade her father to discover the gold. Her mother died at the hands of the soldiers torture and her father killed himself per Yakuza disgrace tradition. When Shado began killing the soldiers in Seattle, it came to the attention of Oliver. Shado became an adversary and Oliver ended up killing one of the soldiers himself to save the Black Canary. Shado returned a year later after dealing with the Yakuza disgrace. Green Arrow was blackmailed into hunting her in Hawaii and being shot in the chest by Shado. Shado nursed him back to health but raped him in his medicated state. She conceived a son, but forbade Oliver from having anything to do with the child. The New 52 drastically altered Shado’s connection with Oliver, instead having her be Oliver father, Robert’s, lover.  They had a child together, Emiko, of which all this Oliver found out about in the Outsiders War.  Shado did appear in Arrow but as a Chinese woman.


6. Constantine Drakon (First Appearance Green Arrow vol 3 #27 2003)

There exists a thing called the short man complex.  Constanine Drakon overcame this by becoming a hired assassin. He uses business like nature as his vocation for killing. Drakon was brought into Star City when he was hired by Elvast Corporation. Elevast apparently had an epidemic of troll-like creatures terrorizing their construction sites. In their first encounter, Drakon defeated Green Arrow, even crucifying him with his own arrows. He also killed one of Oliver’s son’s friends. Drakon has comeback several more times but has been defeated when there are more than two heroes to fight him. Drakon showed up on Arrow in the first show only to meet his maker at the end of an arrow.


5. Deathstroke the Terminator (The New Teen Titans #2 1980)

Though Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) has been more considered a Titans villain over the years, he been showing up in the pages of Green Arrow recently. Deathstroke is a mercenary with enhanced strength and the ability to use 90% of his brain capacity. During the Identity Crisis, Slade got into a battle with the Justice League only to have his right eye socket jammed with an arrow by Green Arrow.  Deathstroke left his cowl with Oliver with a note stating, “This is yours-We’re not done”.  Slade is later hired to kill the mayor of Star City which happened to be Oliver Queen at the time. Green Arrow captured Slade with help of the National Guard. Slade was the primary villain in the Arrow TV series last year.


4. The Clock King (First Appearance World’s Finest Comics #111 1960)

The Clock King is a super-villain obsessed with time who uses clock-related gadgetry to commit crimes. His primary enemy is Green Arrow. He has been a member of the Injustice League, Justice League Antarctica, Suicide Squad, and the Time Foes. Tockman was killed on a Suicide Squad mission. However, he appears alive in the New 52 reboot as a Seattle crimelord with no costume, named Billy Tockman. Tockman has appeared in both Arrow and The Flash TV shows.


3. Brick (First Appearance Green Arrow vol 3 #40 2004)

Brick was a low-level enforcer for many years for the mob bosses of Star City. With the events of Star City being encased by a demonic force, Brick was able to pick up the pieces and take over the mob families. Brick has super enhanced strength and a rock hard surface that makes him impervious to harm. He physical form isn’t what makes him formidable, but that fact that he has brilliant criminal mind. He faced Green Arrow only to be defeated by a glue arrow that wouldn’t allow him to breathe. Brick has been presumed dead at the hands of Cupid.  He has made a reappearance in the New 52, where he was brutally beaten by Oliver. Vinnie Jones played Brick on Arrow last week and the next two episodes.


2. Count Vertigo (First Appearance World’s Finest #251 1978)

Count Vertigo was the last royal descendant from the country Vlatava that had developed a genetic inner ear birth defect. He had a device that corrected his imbalance from the defect. Count altered the device so that it could affect other people. He used this to create a vertigo effect so he could defeat his enemies including Green Arrow and Black Canary. Vertigo has been beaten multiple times through out his history. He even joined the Suicide Squad. The New 52 Count Vertigo is more involved with organized crime. Vertigo has appeared in the Arrow TV show as two different men.


1. Merlyn (First Apprearance Justice League #94 1971)

He was once Merlyn the Magician, someone who Oliver Queen admired and looked up. Green Arrow began archery because of Merlyn. Merlyn bested Green Arrow in a public archery contest and then disappeared for some time. He joined the League of Assassins to return and continue to plague Green Arrow. Oliver had to stop him from assassinating Batman. Merlyn lost the use of his voice when his throat was slashed by Cupid when she needed to escape from Oliver. Merlyn’s character has been one of the primary villain’s on the Arrow TV show.

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