Constantine Quid Pro Quo Review

  • Episode: Quid Pro Quo   (S01E010)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

The really cool thing about some shows is that you get to experience interesting back stories for the characters. This week’s Constantine gives us a little history about John’s partner Chas.  What we know about Chas already is that he can die and come back  to life. Plus, he is a really big guy that protects John.  Now what brings John into action this time is that people are mysteriously falling into comas for no reason. Chas at the time is heading to the Bronx and ironically his daughter has been afflicted by this same coma thing, which we happen to know has been brought upon by a strange cloaked figure we see at the beginning of the episode. John heads to New York with Zed.  We are finally given some history on Zed’s cult we learned about in the last two episodes.


During the episode, the creators cut to some flashback sequences where John and Chas are out drinking at a bar. As John proceeds to leave the bar, he puts a spell on Chas to protect him from harm. Keep in mind that John is drunk as hell and Chas doesn’t take this all seriously. Fate turns it’s ugly head and a bar fire begins. The fire kills 47 people including Chas. Because of  John’s “spell” Chas is resurrected and healed. It seems John used an old spell that Merlin had placed on King Arthur to protect him. The trick of the spell is that the 47 people who die with Chas are now like a soul cache for Chas, which means Chas can die so many times and come back. Chas believes because of this he owes the souls some useful purpose like helping Constantine with his crusade.

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John and Chas team up again to find out what happen to Chas’s daughter. Through a series of events they discover the culprit: Felix Faust. Felix is a classic DC villain who is never up to any good.  He’s stealing the souls of people to make himself more powerful. Faust makes a deal with John to do his bidding in exchange for the girl’s soul.

The episode is really well done since we get to see some more magic that John can perform. We see some the sacrifice Chas is willing to suffer to help John. I think it helps the viewers get more invested in the supporting cast that makes up the show.  Its hard not to think about the fact that there has not been a renewal for the show so far, but this week it fights to stay alive, putting up one hell of a fight once again.

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