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Top 5 Costumes: Venom

Last week in the Guardians of the Galaxy comics,  Venom found himself with a slightly different look than the soldier style he has been sporting since first bonding with Flash Thompson.  The symbiote itself is a fascinating alien that has changed its appearance several times over the years, typically when it gains a new host, something special just for them, even though Flash is still the host for the newest change.  For this week’s comic closet, we’re not looking at the man underneath though, but the symbiote itself.  It’s the most interesting part of the pair fashion wise anyways.  It can look like just about anything it wants!  With its different hosts, it’s different looks have changed drastically.  This time, however, we didn’t find a style we absolutely hated which means there is no dishonorable mention this week.  We did include his latest look, so check out below and see where we ranked it against all the others.  As always, let us know your favorites in the comments below!


5. Mac Gargan:  The Scorpions turn with the symbiote might have hit last on our list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a soft spot for the look.  If we rated it on just how cool they were together, they grew large and ate people!  That’s hard to beat.  On actual style, it rips a lot off the standard Peter Parker/Eddie Brock design.  The bigger, bolder chest design is actually less appealing as it is a bit to distracting.  His face is an interesting change, especially with the more skull like look.  In the end though it relied too much on the looks that preceded it, which did it better.


4. Flash Thompson Original: Flash and the symbiote’s soldier look took a long-term, drastic change in look like never before.  Daring to be different can be risky if pulled off wrong, but here they actually got it right which we do give it major points for.  What we do take away points for is the extra padded look and the accessory holsters for his weapons.  We get it, Flash was a soldier and so the symbiote takes shape as a soldier.  Was any of it necessary though?  It adds a lot of unneeded fluff.  Eddie Brock was a regular human and he still stayed sleek and accessory free.  In the end this costume was a nice change of pace, but does prove less is more.


3. Flash Thompson New:  The latest look Venom has taken on ditches the solider design for  little extra bulk, more Eddie Brock.  In majority we like the form as it has a very smooth design approach to it, but there are a few things we wish would have been done differently.  The what looks like inside padding on his hands and back of his legs is a to distracting from the rest of the costume.  His spider symbol is much bolder, but then the white for his eyes is so sparingly used it makes his head almost disappear into the body.  In the end it does beat out the overdone soldier look, however.


2. Peter Parker:  Peter was the first to cohabitate with the symbiote, but he obviously was not the last.  Back when they palled around, it was just Spider-Man of course and not Venom.  That doesn’t change the fact that the symbiote is primarily who we are looking at here.  When they were together, it easily has the sleeker look of any other designs.  Pure black and just white for the spider and his eyes is one of the most basic things they could have done.  In the end though, it still is one of everyone’s favorite styles.  As we stated before, less is more.  In this case, less kicks a lot of ass.


1. Eddie Brock: How could we not choose the Eddie Brock and symbiote pairing as our number one pick?  First you have the basic design that Peter and the symbiote shared.  Then you shoot buckets upon buckets of steroids into this combination to create one intimidating duo.  The eyes are nice and bold, but what we really love is that terrifying mouth and tongue.  If you saw this in real life (don’t worry Spider-Man 3 does not come close to counting) you would probably mess yourself.  These two together look like they are straight out of the worst nightmare you could imagine, and that is a big reason why everyone still loves and respects Venom as much as they have over the many years.

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    • Thanks for checking with us. That is a pic of Mac Gargan’s first appearance as Venom in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10. He and Angelo did look fairly similar however. We definitely don’t want the wrong pic attached, so we really do appreciate it!

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