Game News: Identity MMORPG Announced

While this is a little bit of a late report, newly founded company Asylum Entertainment announced at the beginning of January a new title into the MMORPG genre title “Identity”.  Identity is set to change the way MMORPG’s are looked at and played.

Running on the newly created Unreal Engine 4, Identity will have players assume the role of whoever they want to be. Taking a cue from Second Life, but making it more personal, the player can create themselves and live out the fantasy life they desire. Whether it be a police officer, a drug dealer, an artist, or even a musician. The options are virtually limitless.

The project is currently up for backing on Kickstarter. A link to their official Kickstarter page is below. They also have released a trailer, showing some of the designs off as well as a little bit of gameplay.

This is definitely a game that I myself will be keeping an eye on as well as personally backing. Keep your eyes peeled here for more info on Identity as it’s released.

Kickstarter page:

Other information: all pictures taken directly from Asylum Entertainments kickstarter page for Identity. For further information visit:

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