Comic News: Frank Cho Returning To Jungle Girl

Jungle Girl is ready to swing back into store shelves with comic superstar Frank Cho leading the way from Dynamite Entertainment.  Cho will be teaming up with co-writer Doug Murray and artist Jack Jadson for Jungle Girl:  Season 3 which will pick up right where the last volume left Jana, where her actions have doomed the Lost World.  Her and her friends are going to have race against time to save her world.

“I’m delighted to be back with my co-creator, Doug Murray, and finish out the final story arc of Jungle Girl,” says Frank Cho.

Doug Murray says, “Season Three is when all hell breaks loose. Up to now, Jana has been a sort of wild card, going where she chooses, interacting with whomever she wants. Now, due to her actions in Season Two, everything is hitting the fan. The huge creature inside the ‘God Mountain’ has called out to its fellows — and they’re coming to get it out! Jana, her father, and her friends can’t allow that to happen. If it does, the entire world — not just their portion of it — will be destroyed. They have to find a way to fight back, which is not easy when your opponent is as big as a house and has a flying saucer! Jana has to grow up. She has to work with her dad to find a way to save the world, no matter what it costs her… or her friends.”

Jack Jadson says, “I did Jungle Girl three years ago, and was thrilled when my agent told me I would draw her again after all these years. I really dig doing Jana, she´s so sexy. And, of course, who wouldn’t love drawing more dinosaurs?”

Jungle Girl:  Season 3 #1 is coming to store shelves this April.  Dynamite has provided the regular cover and blank cover you can see below.
JGSea3-01-Cov-A-Cho JGSea3-01-Cov-B-Authentix

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