Agent Carter: Time and Tide Review

  • Episode:  Time and Tide   (S01E02)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

When we catch up with Peggy Carter this week she has moved into her new apartment. She now lives in an all female apartment complex with a headmistress that even Hitler would fear. During breakfast, one of the girls is evicted for having a man in her room. I remind you, it’s 1946 and things were little stricter when it came to “booty calls” at night. The point of all this is the headmistress claims that her building is like Alcatraz and it cannot be penetrated without notice. This gives Peggy an idea and motivation to drive our story this week. Peggy decides to go to the scene of the crime to try to solve the Stark Tech robbery.

Peggy at the office

Peggy and Jarvis team-up again to solve the mystery. They come across a few hiccups as the rest of the SSR are on their tail. The license plate that was lost in the previous episode leads the SSR to Jarvis. Jarvis has to go downtown for questioning. Peggy has to deal with the double agent stuff she’s been doing while avoiding the other agents.

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Edwin Jarvis and Peggy Carter uncovering the Stark Tech

The Stark Tech is discovered with some clues and cold spy work. Peggy has an issue with turning in the tech since it would uncover her secret life. She has a run in with a local thug that becomes the receiving end of some of the Stark Tech. The would be thug ends up being off-ed by the mysterious bad guys which we believe to be Hydra Agents. Unfortunately, when the thug is assassinated another SSR agent is killed in the line of duty. This brings Peggy into the sense of being a superhero where she can’t protect everyone.

Th story furthers the rapport with her and Jarvis which is needed since Jarvis to a nice addition to the show. He also keeps the Marvel tie we need to keep us still attached to this version of the Marvel Universe, beyond Peggy herself.  Overall the episode is decent, but because it’s part of a bigger piece it’s not too terribly strong. Howard Stark returns the next week luckily. He makes the show more interesting since there’s a little sexual tension there. Plus we believe he not telling Peggy everything.

Marvel’s Agent Carter airs Tuesdays 9pm on ABC

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