Movie News: Is Spider-Man Swinging Over To The MCU?

Here comes the Spider-Man?  According to a rumor over at Latino Review, Marvel and Sony have a deal in place to see Spider-Man in Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1. It would seem after the lukewarm response to Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony is starting to realize they can make more money with Marvel guiding Spidey as opposed to trying to run him on their own. A deal is rumored to be in place to see Marvel take the reigns of future Spider-Man films.  We may even see a Marvel ran Sony published Spider-Man film by 2016. This would setup the character to appear in Infinity Wars. The acquisition would give Marvel control over their most well-known property while Sony would profit from the rewards of a MCU Spider-Man film.

This is currently a rumor, but Latino Review has been known to be correct in the past. That said, do not be surprised if this happens to be true. It looks as though comic fans might get one of their greatest wishes by having old web head back in under the control of Marvel on the big screen. Now if only Fox would follow suit with the X-Men too.

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