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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

July 12, 2017 Andrew Buckles

Publisher:  Activision Developer:  Vicarious Visions MSRP: $39.99 Rated: E 10+ Release Date: June 30th, 2017  Platforms:  Playstation 4 Rating: ★★★★☆ If you grew up in the 90’s, lived for platformers, and needed to give your parents […]

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

July 11, 2017 Mark Dyar

Spider-Man: Homecoming Studio: Sony/Marvel Studios Director: Jon Watts Review: ★★★★☆ Are you like me and feel that we have been burned so many times with great hopes of a fantastic Spider-Man film? A film called “Homecoming” […]

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GEEKout 4.0: Hannon’s Camp America Con Review

July 7, 2017 Mark Dyar

Ticket Price:  ★★★★★ Parking:  ★★★★☆ Space:  ★★★★☆ Vendors:  ★★★☆☆ Food:  ★★★☆☆ Overall:  ★★★★☆ Photos by Emily Dyar When First Appearance Comics was invited to join the festivities at Geek Out 4.0, we had no idea […]

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Planetoid Praxis #4 Capsule Review

July 1, 2017 Mark Dyar

Title:  Planetoid Praxis #4 Publisher: Image Comics Writer:  Ken Garing Artist:  Ken Garing Cover Artist:  Ken Garing Review:  ★★★☆☆ Is it just me or does Ken Garing’s art style remind me of old school (70’s/80’s) […]

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Secret Weapons #1 Capsule Review

July 1, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Title:  Secret Weapons #1 Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment Writer:  Eric Heisserer Artist:  Raul Allen and Patricia Martin Letterer:  Patricia Martin Cover:  Raul Allen;  Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic;  Clayton Henry with David Baron;  Roberto De La Torre;  Bryan Hitch […]

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X-O Manowar #4 Capsule Review

July 1, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Title:  X-O Manowar #4 Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment Writer:  Matt Kindt Artist:  Doug Braithwaite Colorist:  Diego Rodriguez Cover:  Lewis Larosa with Brian Reber;  Dave Johnson;  Ryan Bodenheim with Michael Garland;  Bob Layton with Gabe Eltaeb;  Travis […]

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Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #2

July 1, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Title: Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #2 Publisher:  IDW Publishing Writer:  David Tipton and Scott Tipton Artist:  J.K. Woodward Colorist:  Charlie Kirchoff Letterer:  AndWorld Design Cover Artist:  J.K. Woodward;  George Caltsoudas;  Josh Hood […]

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GoNNER Review

June 30, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Publisher:  Raw Fury Developer:  Raw Fury MSRP: $9.99 Rated: E 10+ Release Date: June 29th, 2017  Platforms:  Nintendo Switch, PC Rating: ★★★★☆ With only having been out for a few months, the Switch has already […]

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NBA Playgrounds Review

June 27, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Publisher:  Mad Dog Games Developer:  Saber Interactive  MSRP: $19.99 Rated: E Release Date: May 9th, 2017 Platforms:  Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC Rating: ★★★☆☆ This review is based of the Nintendo Switch version. […]

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review

June 26, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Publisher:  WayForward Technologies Developer:  WayForward Technologies MSRP: $19.99 Rated: T Release Date: June 8th, 2017 – Nintendo Switch Platforms:  Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, PC Rating: ★★★★☆ If you happened […]

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Freeway Fighter #2 Capsule Review

June 23, 2017 Mark Dyar

Title: Freeway Fighter #1  Publisher: Titan Comics/Fighting Fantasy Writer: Andi Ewington Artist: Simon Coleby Colorist: Len O’Grady Letterer: Jim Campbell Cover Artist: Simon Coleby; Ben Oliver; Simon Myers Review: ★★★★☆ On any post apocalyptic journey you […]

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Rapture #2 Capsule Review

June 22, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Title:  Rapture #2 Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment Writer:  Matt Kindt Artist:  CAFU Colorist:  Andrew Dalhouse Letterer:  Dave Sharpe Cover Artist:  Mico Suayan and Brian Reber;  J.G. Jones;  Kano;  Clayton Crain Review:  ★★★★★ How do you follow-up […]

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Archie #21 Capsule Reviews

June 22, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Title:  Archie #21 Publisher:  Archie Comics Writer:  Mark Waid Artist:  Pete Woods Letterer:  Jack Morelli Cover Artist:  Pete Woods;  Matthew Dow Smith;  Greg Smallwood Review:  ★★★☆☆ Talk about a filler issue!  Last week we were […]

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Asterix Retro Arcade Capsule Review

June 16, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Publisher:  Konami Developer:  Konami Release Date: 1992 Platforms:  Arcade Rating: ★★★☆☆ Asterix and Obelix have never really made a splash in the USA so you might have missed out on their first, and only, arcade […]

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